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Buckeye Cam Live Camera Feature

Have your deer cam pictures posted on your very own Web Page!

The new LiveCam feature exclusively from Buckeye Deer Cams will automatically post the pictures from your PC Base system to a private LiveCam web page. We will host your LiveCam page for you so all you have to do is download:

  1. The LiveCam software - Download LiveCam Software Now
  2. The new PC Base software - Download The New PC Base Software
  3. Then just register your system to activate your account. - Register Here

The basic LiveCam feature is free for the first 2 cameras to everyone using the BuckEye Cam System. If you would like to add more than 2 cameras or take advantage of the advanced features the fee is $60 per year per account.

How LiveCam From Buckeye Cam works:
The system works the same as the email feature just rather than sending pictures to an email address it will send them to your LiveCam web page. You select how often you want it to update your LiveCam web page (I.E. Every picture, every 2 pictures, etc.) and the rest is handled through the software. The LiveCam software will automatically update your web page and store the most recent pictures (45 per camera) for every camera you have registered.

It will also post information such as delay settings, quality settings and camera name.
With this feature you will be able to view your pictures online by visiting your LiveCam page. This is a great way to monitor your cameras from anywhere, promote a hunting ranch or to just share with your pictures with family and friends.

What is required To Run LiveCam From Buckeye Cam?
You will need to have the PC Base system and an internet connection at the computer that is running the PC Base. That is it

Can I customize LiveCam?
The LiveCam feature can be customized to meet just about any need. We have built in features that can be used to assist in posting pictures to your personal web site, add your logo to your LiveCam page, keeping more pictures on your LiveCam Page, etc. Just contact us to discuss any feature you would like to have added.

Getting Started with LiveCam From Buckeye Cam:

After you have downloaded the PCBase Software, the LiveCam Software and registered online you should have received an email from BuckEye with a passport.pas file. Save this file someplace where you can find it and follow the instructions below.

  1. Open your PC base software on your PC and click on the start button in the top right corner to start the PC base software
  2. Click on PCBase Set UP To Begin LiveCam
  3. When the Setup box appears check the box next to BuckEye Liv Camera to select it
  4. A update/install New Passport file button will appear when the BuckeyeCam Live Camera box is checked. Click on this to update/install your passport fie. You should have received this file in an email from Buckeye Cam
  5. Now Browse to the location that you saved your pasport.pas file that you received via email. Once you find it click open to install the pasport.pas file.
  6. Once you have your livecam setup you can select how often you want to have it update your LiveCam Page By choosing every picture, every 32 pictueres, etc. Don;t forget to Click OK to save your settings!
  7. Once you have everything set up and running you will see a link to your LiveCam Web page on the set up screen. To view your page just click on the link. Don't for get to bookmark this link for future viewing.


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