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Buckeye Cam Frequently Asked Questions


Will BuckEye Cam systems work with Vista?


Will BuckEye Cam systems work with XP?


How does the PC Base work?

The PC Base works works with your computer. All your cameras are controlled directly by your computer. You can change all the camera settings, check the battery status, signal strength and can even have the pictures automatically emailed to anyone!

How far will the camera REALLY transmit?

The radios we use have the capability to reach out to 10 miles - but our testing has shown you actually have an effective range of around 1 1/2 miles using the standard antennas.

We do offer high gain antennas that will increase the effective range out to several miles in some areas.

How can I tell when I have a good signal between the camera and base unit?

There is a "Signal Test" button on the camera and the base unit that allows you to confirm communications between the base and camera. This "signal test" can be performed from the base unit as well as from the camera unit. Note that the new Orion systems only require 1 or 2 "bars" of signal strength to operate properly.

Can I tell the camera to take a "Test" picture from the base?

Yes. You can take test pictures, check signal strength, battery status, add cameras and delete cameras all from the base unit.

Will the camera transmit through trees?

For the most part, yes. The BuckEye Cam does transmit very well through trees and foliage, though it can have some trouble transmitting through dense pines. That being said, your range will be more affected by the terrain than by foliage.

The signal can travel up hills/mountains and down hills/mountains but is unable to "curve" over hills/mountains.

How long does the battery usually last?

That depends. If you are using the solar charger and taking 10-14 pictures a day, you will easily get 9-12 months between charges. If you aren't using the solar charger, the camera can usually take between 700 pictures and 1500 pictures per charge.

What is the maximum distance the camera will take pictures?

15 feet is just about perfect, but anywhere out to 30 feet should trigger the camera provided the sensitivity on the camera is set high enough.

Does PC Base Software come with the system?

Yes. If for some reason you no longer have this software, you can download the latest version by clicking here.

Do I have to be a "computer genius" to make this system work?

Absolutely not! This system was designed to be simple to use.

Will I be able to add cameras to my existing system?

Provided you own an Original or an Orion system, yes. You can operate up to 30 cameras from a single base if you own an Orion system, or 14 cameras from a single base if you own an Original system.

Will the wireless camera system also work as a "non wireless camera only" system?

Yes. All Buckeye Cam® cameras can be used in stand alone mode where the pictures are stored at the camera on a SD memory card.

How do I know when I need to charge the camera's battery?

You can test the camera's battery status from the base unit. Also, you will receive a "LowBat" message when the camera's battery is almost completely drained.

Can I change the camera's settings from the base unit?

Yes. All the camera's settings are completely controlled from the base.

Can the Original BuckEye Cam transmit pictures to the ORION System?

Unfortunately, no. These two systems communicate differently and therefore can't "talk" to each other.

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