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Read Testimonials from satisfied Buckeye Wireless Scouting Camera Customers. If you have a Buckeye Wireless Scouting Camera and would like to send us a testimonial please contact us today.

"I purchased a cellular wildlife camera and most of the places I wanted to use it didn't have good reception or the battery in the phone kept dying. I took it back and got a Buckeye wireless wildlife camera and I just love it. The battery lasts forever and I can check the pictures from my computer even if there is no cell phone reception where I am hunting." - Minnesota Buckeye Cam User

"Until we captured the pics of this buck on the BuckEye Cam, we had no intentions of hunting this farm due to some nearby road construction. Your camera made this happen.
Thanks guys!" -
Ohio Buckeye Cam User

"The Buckeye Cam system is the best hunting investment Have made in a long time" - North Dakota Buckeye Cam User

"Gotta Love that BuckEye Cam!" - Ohio Buckeye Cam User

"I had a cheap digital deer camera and the thing kept shutting down in cold weather and I was constantly changing batteries and trekking to the camera to download images and adjust settings. With my new Buckeye Digital Deer Cameras and solar chargers I can leave out my deer cams for the entire season. Now I just get up and check my stands by computer to see where to hunt today. The Buckeye Digital Deer Camera is worth it's weight in gold".- Michigan Buckeye Cam User

"BuckEye Cam does a great Job!" - Ohio Buckeye Cam User

"Didn't even know this buck was there before I started using the BuckEye Cam!" -Wisconsin Buckeye Cam User

"I love the new LiveCam Feature. Now I can share my trail camera pictures with my family and hunting buddies any time of the day or night." - Illinois Buckeye Cam User

Still not convinced that you need a Buckeye Cam? Learn more about the great features in a Wireless Digital Deer Camera From Buckeye Cam

Long Range Wireless Camera

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